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Monday, March 1, 2010

Camp CaPella

DEDHAM, ME, February 24 – The Sunshine Lady Foundation is providing Camp CaPella with the means to purchase the property and facilities of the camp as part of a gift of up to $500,000 to enable and sustain independent operations of Camp CaPella for the next century and beyond.

Camp CaPella provides handicapped-accessible lakefront camp experiences on Phillips Lake for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities and their families.

Camp CaPella will have an interest-free and payment-free mortgage on the property and facilities, and as Camp CaPella sustains its operations going forward, the mortgage will then be given by the Sunshine Lady Foundation to permanent ownership of and by Camp CaPella.

As part of this gift, the Sunshine Lady Foundation, founded and directed by Doris Buffett, will provide up to $65,000 in matching funds for Camp CaPella to build endowment and capital funds as a safety net for costs and expenses, including camp scholarships.

“Yes, this is a wonderful gift that will help us build a solid foundation for the long-term future,” notes Dana Mosher, executive director of Camp CaPella. “But it also means we must still raise money again this year for operating funds as none of these funds can be used for our current operating costs. In addition, we will need to raise money to match the foundation’s challenge grants. That will be a demanding goal in itself. This is a huge leap forward for Camp CaPella, yet it also provides the guidance for us to achieve a sustainable financial structure well into the future,” Mosher acknowledges. “But we certainly have our work cut out for us in fundraising for 2010.”
Camp CaPella was launched in 1960 by United Cerebral Palsy of Maine, yet was closed for two years in 2006-7 due to budget issues. In the summer of 2008, Camp CaPella was reopened and now operates as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

“This gift from the Sunshine Lady Foundation is great news for all of us,” agrees Bobbi-Jo Yeager, executive director of United Cerebral Palsy of Maine. “Camp CaPella will be open for young and old with disabilities for years to come, fulfilling our vision as well.”

“I believe that children who are born with disabilities shouldn’t be precluded from enjoying the same fun and camaraderie that children who are not disabled enjoy,” comments Doris Buffett, founder and president of the Sunshine Lady Foundation. “When I visited Camp CaPella, I was convinced that Dana Mosher and his staff were motivated by love and compassion, and I was impressed with their competence and dedication,” Ms. Buffet observes. “I decided to make this donation to increase the financial security of Camp CaPella, to give a boost to the Board of Directors and staff, and to help bring well-deserved positive publicity to this wonderful organization.”

“Thanks to Doris Buffet and her foundation, Camp CaPella is back in year-round operations and here to stay for the years ahead,” concludes Dana Mosher. “She had the vision to see why Camp CaPella was good for everyone in our community, and her gift will make sure Camp CaPella remains a community resource serving those with physical and developmental disabilities.”

The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc. is a private family foundation established in the fall of 1996 through the vision and determination of founder and President Doris Buffett. The Sunshine Lady Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests.

With headquarters in Bangor, United Cerebral Palsy of Maine (a.k.a. United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Maine) provides programs and services that improve the independence, productivity, quality of life and full citizenship for children and adults with disabilities and their families. E-mail:

Located on Phillips Lake in Dedham, or Lucerne-in-Maine (12 miles from Bangor, 13 miles from Ellsworth), Camp CaPella provides quality-of-life experiences for people with disabilities and their families. See