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It has been brought to our attention that many people are receiving  emails from “Doris Buffett” that state the email recipient has been selected to receive a large sum of money.  Please be advised that this type of email  is a phishing scheme that did not originate with Doris Buffett or the Sunshine Lady Foundation.   For more information about online safety and how to report these incidents go to .

The Sunshine Lady Foundation does not accept requests for consideration of funding from organizations outside of the United States or from individuals residing outside of the United States, or for the following purposes:

– business investments of any type or grants to businesses
– loans of any type, either personal or business
– academic or scientific research
– graduate study
– repayment of student loans
– conferences, seminars or trips
– environmental or animal protection causes
– general fund-raising drives or events
– religious organizations for religious purposes
– the Arts

If this is an emergency, please contact a local organization. Email inquiries will be answered as soon as possible, but an immediate response cannot be expected. For all inquiries, click here